Learning from JP

Today I had an hour long chat with JP. His insights, leadership and attention to details are phenomenal.

I’m writing down some of the Q/A I had with him.

Q. How do you develop personal connect with everyone.

A. First listening with full attention. Work on building the connection actively. Keep looking for traits. Keep adding Delta over time.

Q. Moment, where you felt you need some cursor/guidance.

A. All the time. Find the right person and ask the right questions.

Q. How do you work and collaborate with people/teams in other domain. How do you convey your points, where there are disagreements?

A. First - Do I understand the problem correctly? Second - Where are they coming from? Is there something, which they understand and I don’t? Third - Find a Gartner - Who could evaluate and potentially influence other if you’ve a valid point.

Q. Life advise

A. Take other person’s advise with a pinch of salt because

  1. They advise you based on what you communicated. What you communicated in a small span of time isn’t sufficient to explain everything you feel, experience and understand about yourself. None can understand you more thatn yourself.
  2. They advise you based on their own experience and understanding. Everyone is human and their advise will be biased with their own experience.
  3. Ultimately, you’re the decision maker, as it’s your own life. None can judge and guide you better than yourself.

Q. How to define a clear goal in fog.

A. Smudge and try to create some dots. Connect those dots from experience and learning. Over period of time, you’ll have a beautiful drawing. Don’t try to change your inherent nature, accept yourself as the way you are, and figure out what you could do with that. Don’t be complacent but be comfortable with your anxiety.

In gist, follow your heart.

Thank you JP. :)

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