Best way to Launch your startup (Again and Again)

Best way to Launch your startup (Again and Again)

When to launch

  1. Launch early and continuously based on feedback. Launch is essentially an iterative process. No one cares about your launch. So instead of waiting for a perfect MVP, let your idea float outside and iterate over it. Launch it again and again.
  2. Make few customers happy with few iterations instead of making all customers happy.
  3. Those happy few customers so happy, that they should talk about your product to everyone
  4. Talk about your product with everyone.


  1. Ensure you can describe your product in 1 line. For 1 liner, start with “What” instead of “Why”, because people especially investors have short span of attention.

Why example:

While doing my job, I was facing an issue with staying upto date with recent news in technology area.

What example:

`X` let's your remain upto date with any news of any category of your interest(without you following many sites for the news)
  1. Don’t use jargons, make it so simple that any person from any domain can understand. Don’t ramble. Bad Example:
    `X` let's you strategize your whole business process and improve deliverable synergy

    Good Example:

    We built an the first online marketplace that let's travellers book rooms with locals instead of hotels
    Find and talk to your target B2C users fast
  2. You can use X for Y analogy if that really makes sense. X for Y ingredient:
    • X should be a household name
    • Does Y want X?
    • Y should be a huge market Example: Airbnb for dance and movement class could also be told as A marketplace for dance and movement classes

How to write a pitch

  1. Descriptive
  2. Conversational
  3. No Jargon
  4. No preamble
  5. Concise

Types of launches

  • Silent Launch : Most of startup should do it. Don’t need anything fancy:
    • Domain name
    • Company name
    • Short description
    • Contact information
    • Call to action - Sign up for newsletter or get notified when launch
  • Friends and family launch
    • Get early feedback and get back to open market soon
  • Stranger launch
    • Approach customers
    • More field work required Example - DoorDash Doordash first launch Doordash after getting feedback from restaurants - launched within few hours
  • Online community launch
    • YC has internal platform - Bookface - to get early feedback inside a close community
    • HackerNews
  • Social media/blogger launch
  • Request access launch
  • Pre-order launch
  • Press launch
  • Invite only launch
  • New feature/product launch

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