Docker Container Registry

A Docker image should be published in docker container registry (public/private), so that it can be accessed during CI/CD

Docker Hub

  1. Create account on docker hub
  2. Create repository (private or public). Once you create registry, it’ll look something like /, e.g. `chandanjh/orendaa-rails-api`
  3. From your machine, login to docker ```shell

    Login to docker from command line

    $> docker login

    Create a tag from docker images

    To list your images, docker images

    $> docker tag chandanjh/:

    To build this image from specific Dockerfile

    $> docker build -f Dockerfile.production -t chandanjh/orendaa-rails-api:production .

Now push this to docker hub

$ docker push chandanjh/orendaa-rails-api:production ```

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